Kathleen Riley

Media Appearances and Presentations


Interviewed by Darcey Bussell for television documentary Looking for Fred Astaire, BBC 1. Aired 21 December 2017

Interviewed by Nick Rheinberger for segment on Fred Astaire on ABC Illawarra, 19 May 2016

Interviewed by Richard Bannerman for centenary programme on Joan Littlewood, BBC Radio 3, 26 October 2014

Interviewed by Joanne Griffith on Up All Night (Pacifica Radio Archives), BBC Radio 5 Live, 27 May 2013

Interviewed by Gary Shapiro on ‘From the Bookshelf’, KUSP Santa Cruz, 19 July 2012

Interviewed by Philip Adams on ‘Late Night Live’, ABC Radio National (Australia), 27 June 2012

Interviewed by Sean Moncrieff on Newstalk Radio Ireland, 13 June 2012

Part of National Theatre Platform, ‘The Astaires: Fred and Adele’, Lyttelton Theatre, 4 May 2012

Interviewed by Vincent Dowd, BBC World Service. Broadcast 19 May 2012

Guest on ‘The Dinner Party’, National Public Radio (United States), 14 April 2012

Interviewee, Darcey Dances Hollywood, BBC 2. Aired 25 December 2011

Expert guest on Great Lives: Fred Astaire, BBC Radio 4. Broadcast 19 May 2009

Part of National Theatre Platform, ‘Nigel Hawthorne on Stage’, Lyttelton Theatre, 28 May 2004


‘Parnassus to Piccadilly: Oscar Wilde, Classicist’, Presented to the Friends of the ANU Classics Museum, Canberra, 15 August 2018

‘Latin Woostered and Hard-Boiled: The Classical Style of P. G. Wodehouse and Raymond Chandler’. Latin Summer School, University of Sydney, 18 January 2018

‘The Science of Spontaneity: Fred Astaire as Consummate Craftsman’. Presented as part of National Science Week, CBD Campus, USYD, 14 August 2017

‘Fred and Adele Astaire in the Age of Jazz’. Presented to Association of Decorative and Fine Arts (Bowral), 5 April 2017

‘Classics Lost and Remade in Tom Stoppard’s Plays’. Latin Summer School, University of Sydney, 18 January 2017

‘The Science of Spontaneity: Fred Astaire as Consummate Craftsman’. Presented to Royal Society (Southern Highlands branch), Chevalier College, Burradoo, 19 May 2016

‘Athens makes Grecian ground of her Antipodes: Classical Greece in Australian Art and Architecture’. Presented to the ANU (Canberra) Friends of the Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens, Apollo Room, Hellenic Club of Canberra (Woden), 25 February 2016

‘Latinists of the Long Weekend: W. H. Auden and Louis MacNeice’. Latin Summer School, University of Sydney, 19 January 2016

‘The Science of Spontaneity: Fred Astaire as Consummate Craftsman’. Presented to Royal Society (Sydney), the Union, University and Schools Club, Sydney, 3 June 2015

‘“Shadows stirring on the brink”: Seamus Heaney’s Virgilian Journey’. Latin Summer School, University of Sydney, 20 January 2015

‘“All the terrible beauty of a Greek tragedy”: Wilde’s Kinship with the Great Humanist of Hellas’. Oscar Wilde and the Classics colloquium, University of Oxford, 11 July 2014

‘“Arma virumque cano”: Classics and the First World War Poets’. Latin Summer School, University of Sydney, 19 January 2012

‘Dancing All Alone: Fred Astaire and the Theatre of the Everyday’. European Association of Dance Historians’ conference, Not Just Fred and Ginger: Camaraderie, Collusion and Collisions Between Dance and Film, Rudolf Steiner House, London, 14-16 October 2011

‘Magic Abroad in the Air: Fred Astaire’. ‘La Timonerie’, Antibes, 14-15 May 2010

‘Classics as a Guide to Modernity?: Why Reception Studies Matter’ (part of a panel on ‘Why Literature Matters’). 15th annual British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship Symposium, British Academy, London, 22 April 2009

‘The Body Poetic: Pylades, Fred Astaire and Edward Petherbridge’. Dance and Academia: Moving the Boundaries, ‘The Body’, Interdisciplinary Conference, Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies, Oxford, 7 February 2009

‘Nothing like them since the Flood: Fred and Adele Astaire on the London Stage’. Fred Astaire: The Conference, Oriel College, Oxford, 21-24 June 2008

‘“Nec satis terrae patent”: Herculean Selfhood on the Renaissance English Stage’. From Renaissance to Post-Modernism: Rewritings of Myths in Britain and Portugal, Wadham College, Oxford, 7 June 2008 (Keynote speaker)

‘“Dead Sons and Ruined Faith”: Herakles in America’. Emory University, Atlanta, 3 October 2007

‘The Heroic Psyche as Tragic Space: Modern Manifestations of Euripides’ Herakles’. Close Relations: The Spaces of Greek and Roman Theatre, a conference at University of Melbourne, 19-23 September 2006

‘“Meum Monstrum Sit”: Seneca’s Hercules Furens and the Internalization of Imperial Furor’. Classics and Ancient History Research Seminar, University of Sydney, Semester 1 2005

‘“That Way Madness Lies”: Seneca and the Hercules Furens Tradition in Elizabethan Drama’. Dionysus Recast: Ancient Drama in the Modern World (2nd series), Corpus Christi College, Oxford, Trinity Term 2004

‘Surprised By Jack: William Nicholson’s Shadowlands’. Word and Image: Integrating the Arts and Theology, a conference at Robert Menzies College, Macquarie University, Sydney, 9-11 October 2003

‘Herakles in fin-de-siécle Vienna: A Reappraisal of the Beginnings of Nervenkunst’. Dionysus Recast: Ancient Drama in the Modern World, inaugural graduate seminar series on reception at the Oxford Playhouse, Trinity Term 2003

‘The Browning Version: Aristophanes’ Apology and the Nineteenth-Century Damnatio of Euripides’. Greek Drama III, a conference at Sancta Sophia College, University of Sydney, 8-11 July 2002

‘Love in a Cold-War Climate: The Herakles of Archibald MacLeish’. 2nd Annual Postgraduate Symposium: The Meeting of Cultures in Modern Performances of Greek Drama, Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama, Oxford and Department of Drama and Theatre, Royal Holloway University of London, 26-27 June 2002

‘Archibald MacLeish’s Verse Play Herakles’. New Poetry – Old Poetry, an interdisciplinary seminar series at Magdalen College, Oxford, Trinity Term 2002

Mister Heracles: A Case Study in Heroism’. 1st Annual Postgraduate Symposium: Greek Drama in Modern Performance, Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama, Oxford and Department of Drama and Theatre, Royal Holloway University of London, 19-20 June 2001

‘A Royal Malady: The Staging of the Lost Self in Heracles and The Madness of George III’. Rethinking the Irrational: Madness in the Ancient World, a conference at Newnham College, Cambridge, 22-24 March 1999

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